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BlueScope Steelworks Visit on March, 2019


On 25th March, Properties and End Use members were fortunate enough to visit the BlueScope integrated steelworks in Port Kembla, and the opportunity to see the process up close and personal was extremely valuable. Whilst visiting the site, they received detailed tours of the sintering plant and basic oxygen furnace. Most notable in the sintering plant was the sinter strand. Standing next to the sinter strand and walking along side it, the large scale of the operation became apparent. While visiting the basic oxygen furnace, they were able to see the furnace being loaded with molten metal. Watching the furnace run continued to emphasise the enormity of the steelmaking process. The opportunity to visit the steelworks and talk with the engineers was helpful in developing an intuition and understanding for the workings of such a large plant for Properties and End Use Hub Members.

The ARC Research Hub for Advanced Technologies for Australian Iron Ore held its Virtual Hub Showcase on 23 November 2020. University of Newcastle Vice- Chancellor Prof Alex Zelinsky hosted the event.

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