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Iron Ore Hub researchers performed experiment at the Australian Synchrotron centre


ARC Iron Ore Hub researchers Dr. Subhasish Mitra and Mr. Gareth Penny visited the Australian Synchrotron facility at Clayton, Victoria this Month. Synchrotron (a model of the Clayton facility shown below) produces electrons which are accelerated in the linear accelerator almost to the speed of light through magnetic fields and channeled to various beamline stations.

Industrial partner BHP funded one day of time on the Imaging and Medical Beamline (IMBL) which offers high-resolution, phase-contrast high energy X-Ray (up to 180 keV) imaging of biomedical samples and a wide range of engineering materials.

ARC Iron Ore Hub researchers, Dr. Mitra (top) and Mr. Penny (bottom) placing an iron ore containing crucible on the sample platform for X-Ray tomography.

Hub researchers analysed several fused iron ore samples from softening and melting test comprising varying compositions at different temperatures in the beamline. A sample placed in the parallel X-Ray beams is rotated from 0 to 180o and several 2D projections are obtained at different heights of the sample which are combined together into 3D image using an image processing algorithm. Tomographic data from these experiments bring insights to the morphological change in the ferrous layer and associated change in the bed void fraction. This information is critical for understanding the ore performance in a typical iron making blast furnace.

A/Prof Tom Honeyands from the University of Newcastle Iron Ore Hub, along with Partner Investigators from BHP visited a number of the World’s leading iron and steelmakers in China late last year...

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