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Post Graduate Research Poster Prize Competition


The Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment (FEBE) holds an annual Post Graduate Research Poster Prize Competition where one of our Industrial Transformation Hub PhD students Michael Carr won the category for Mechanical Engineering. Michael’s research is on the Identification and Characterisation of dynamic adhesion in transfer chutes of the materials handling stream. The mining of iron ore has seen the exploitation of problematic orebodies that would be typically disregarded. These bulk materials cause problems within all facets of the materials handling stream, from remains left in train wagons to transfer chute blockages. The research poster presented by Michael proposes a technique to model problematic bulk materials in Discrete Element Modelling (DEM) simulations. These problematic bulk materials can be computationally expensive to model due to the adhesive and cohesive contact models that are required to describe their behaviour. With the advancement of computational power it is more feasible to model problematic materials into the DEM technique. The developed technique showed significant potential for optimising the design cycle of problematic materials handling equipment.

A/Prof Tom Honeyands from the University of Newcastle Iron Ore Hub, along with Partner Investigators from BHP visited a number of the World’s leading iron and steelmakers in China late last year...

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