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Sam Caldwell Poster Prize winner for Mechanical & Mechatronics Engineering


The poster prize competition, run by the FEBE faculty, was aimed at getting students to look outside the direct research goals of their project and think about how their work fits into the ‘real world’. The format was to produce a poster that conveyed this information to an audience that had no previous experience in the field that the research project lives in. The posters were judged, at an open day event at the University, and prizes were awarded within each faculty for what was deemed the most effective poster. The incentive (I’m sure) encouraged students to really stretch their imagination as to how their work will not only change the field in which their project lives but the wider implications up and down-stream. Combining research and outcome information in this way is a skill that, as a research student, isn’t often practiced. The competition was a great way to give this muscle a workout and provide experience for when the time comes to sell, sell, sell your work to an interested industry investor (or any person willing to listen for that matter).

Poster – Dewater H2o Water

The ARC Research Hub for Advanced Technologies for Australian Iron Ore held its Virtual Hub Showcase on 23 November 2020. University of Newcastle Vice- Chancellor Prof Alex Zelinsky hosted the event.

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